We can provide the parts of Cavotec products

  • Cable Reel System
  • Cable Festoon
  • Cable Spreader

We can provides the parts of Crane from ZPMC product, ZPMC is word’s largest port equipment manufacturer.

  • Motors
  • Gear Box
  • Man Lift
  • Thruster Brake
  • Mechanical Parts

We have done a lot of supply and install Sumitomo Sybrid System.

The advantages of using a Sybrid system:

  • A Hybrid System For RTGs,which past records shows a fuel saving of AVE 45% – 60% under actual operation
  • Proven battery lifetime of 7.5 years and over
  • Reduction of 15%-35% in periodic maintenance cost dost due to smaller engine
  • Significant reduction of RTG refueling cost


We can provide Heavy Equipment parts such as :

  • Grab Bucket Ship Unloader
  • Twist Lock
  • Sheave
  • etc

We can provide the parts of Cathay Nebula Product.

Cathay Nebula is committed to researching location-aware system and automatic control system for the terminals. With the mission of Safety, Intelligence, and Productivity

Cathay Nebula has Products :

  • AGSS
  • PDS
  • SPS
  • CPS
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